Claudia Moanna

Claudia Moanna was born in Chicago next to the workshop of fairytale researcher, Bruno Bettelheim. She basked in windy sunshine each morning as Bettelheim clients sauntered to and from his offices.  A few years later, she arrived in California to experience the 60’s as a young child both in Berkeley and Davis. Girded with fairy tales and wild ideas, she spent her middle school years in New Jersey where she looked for any moments she could to immerse herself in nature. After excursions to Atlantic beaches and hikes along the Appalachian Trail, she decided to follow memories of camping and hiking in the Sierras and gradually made her way back to California via Colorado and Washington state. Claudia now lives in Sierra County between the Middle and North forks of the Yuba River where she enjoys the natural world around her in all its wildness.


With 20 years of teaching in various capacities at Yuba River Charter School, Nevada City School of the Arts, Stepping Stones Preschool and Blue Oak Charter School in Chico, Claudia now continues to teach at Yuba River Charter School here in Nevada City. Her BA from New College of California and her credential from CSU Chico will soon be enhanced by a Waldorf Teaching Credential from Rudolph Steiner College.