Doris Dunning

Doris Dunning is a native of Carmel, CA and graduated in her third year of high school to pursue her interests in science at CSU, Chico. Her undergraduate degree in Biology led her to complete a Botany MA at Chico, and later to work with a company in Davis assisting research in commercial crops. Her interest in education led her to complete a CA teaching credential at UC Davis focusing on multicultural education, during which time she substitute taught in both Placer and Nevada counties for 4 years. Her first year at YRCS, Doris co-taught with Dan Martinez in the 2nd grade, and then took her current class over during third grade mid-year. She graduated with her Waldorf Certificate the summer session of 2009. Doris graduated another 8th grade in 2012, having taught this class for the 7th and 8th year of middle school. Doris spends her free time up Hwy 20 working on her property when not wandering the woods getting exercise from various mountain sports. She has a son attending his 4th year at CSU, Chico and her daughter, a graduate from UC Berkeley, is interning with a company in her field of environmental resources.