Karen Geisler

Karen Geisler (co-teacher) started her 22 years of elementary school teaching in the public schools of Madison, Wisconsin. During the third of her four years teaching there, Karen was introduced to Waldorf Education. When her fourth year of teaching ended, she moved to Fair Oaks, CA, to attend Rudolf Steiner College. After gaining a Waldorf teacher’s certification, Karen turned to several years of raising 5 children. Karen & her family moved to Grass Valley in 1981, and, in 1986 she began using her Waldorf training by teaching for seven years at Mariposa School. When the school closed its doors, she taught one year at Live Oak Waldorf School, and then 10 years at Yuba River Charter School. At the end of 10 years, Karen took a 2 year break and came back to Yuba River as a co-teacher.