Heather Hunt (Jacobson)

Waldorf education provided Heather with vivid memories and recollections of really being aware of time and seasons; finding and celebrating meaning in them. Recesses and playing outdoor were really important, looking back. The mixture of art, dance, creativity, along with the solid sciences and language arts were crucial, to Heather.

After graduating from Nevada Union High School with honors, Heather took three years “off” to travel the world before “settling down” to college.

“Waldorf gave me the confidence to follow my dreams of travel, as I went all over Europe, Mexico, Nepal, India, Thailand and Bali.”

Heather graduated in 2002 from Mills College, in Oakland (having also been accepted to UC-Berkeley), and continued to follow her dream of becoming a chiropractor, specializing in women’s health. She studied for four years in Portland, OR and has now returned to Nevada County. She lives with her husband, Luke, and sons, Jacob and Giles, and works as a chiropractic partner with her family’s business, Jacobson Chiropractic www.jacobsonchiropractic.net in Nevada City.

“(Waldorf education) gave me a feeling that I was able to do anything because my teachers, and the greater community, always reinforced my strengths, instead of focusing on weaknesses. Singing. Class field trips galore. Friendships. My best friends are still my Waldorf friends from kindergarten. The focus on the ‘whole child’ really works!”