Luke Berliner

YRCS Class of 2002

“(The Waldorf curriculum and education) allowed us to develop into who we wanted to become. Personally, I am very satisfied with where I am in my life. And it all started with such an emphasis of storytelling and plays and reading. Even math had stories behind the symbols. Believing, making believe, and being creative.”

Luke Berliner is a 2002 YRCS graduate, who by his sophomore year at Nevada Union High School, had received acceptance notifications to all of the art schools he applied to for college.

Luke believes that the Waldorf arts-based curriculum, along with the child-centered approach to education, recognizing each individual student’s needs and abilities, was a very crucial combination for him and his success.

Luke graduated from the Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA in spring of 2010. Otis is one of the most culturally diverse private schools of art and design in the country and is considered one of the major art institutions in the United States.

Luke now works for Hasbro, Inc. in creative ideation and production. Luke’s current project with Hasbro is the Hub Network’s up-coming television series, Transformers Prime. Luke has worked in computer graphics doing creative design for television commercials, music videos and print advertising. His past projects include clients such as Sony, Nissan, the U.S. Air Force and R&B performer Beyonce.