Annual Report 2012-13

October 23, 2013

YRCS2012-13AR_Page_1Yuba River Charter School is so much more than a school where children come for
175 days out of the year. We are a vibrant wellspring of support to families,
businesses and neighborhoods throughout Nevada County. As we close our 19th
school year, it has been a year of building partnerships in the community. All of us
are stronger from the leverage of our shared resources.
Our new building project has brought together six state agencies, the federal government
and three local boards to support our construction. In early 2013, the EPA awarded YRCS
a $600,000 grant for the new school site. This was the largest EPA grant awarded that
year in California. Our project was also supported by a rain water grant from the American
Rivers Foundation in the amount of $300,000. And now have a full-time farmer funded
from the non-profit organization Live Healthy Nevada County. Our grant committee has
raised money from Lowes for the new school farm and our Educational Foundation has
put forth much effort to bring more resources to the school than ever before.
The YRCS curriculum has grown stronger through a new partnership with Sierra Streams
Institute, which will be teaching much of our lab and outdoor science in our middle school.
Through our work with the Woolman Semester School, we will have enrolled 24 students
in our farm program for the 2013-14 school year. These three areas: science, food, and
farming, have been a dramatic convergence of community support that will reshape our
curriculum and Nevada County for years to come.
Looking back over the 2012-13 school year, we realize that the school has successfully
weathered the fiscal storms that ravaged public education in California for years. We have
built vital new relationships and all the dots are beginning to connect to form a powerful
arrow propelling us into the future as we celebrate our 20th school year. Please join me
in your support of Yuba River Charter School. We hope you enjoy this annual report and
find it represents our accountability to you of how our resources have supported this vital
Waldorf charter school education.
Caleb Buckley YRCS Director

If you aren’t a current parent—call us to schedule a visit—we’d love to show you our new temporary home in the heart of Nevada City… and our plans for our permanent one just outside of Grass Valley.

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