Annual Report 2013-14

August 14, 2014

Annual-Report-13-14-Dear YRCS Parents:
Enclosed you will find a review of the 2013-14 school leadership and annual giving, as well as a reflection on 20 years of YRCS. It has been a remarkable journey for the whole movement of Waldorf education in the public sector. In 1994, YRCS was the entire charter school movement for Waldorf education and today there are over 50 schools with new charters opening up each year. The significance of our school cannot be overstated for the growth of free and open Waldorf education in the United States. There have been many challenges we have faced together and the seas of change that have swept over public education have not rocked the boat of conviction here at home. In the end, we as “a community of teachers and families” have been here to serve the children in our care. That relationship has strengthened a whole continent of communities. Your support, whether it was in pioneering, settling, or stepping into the future, has been the foundation of a movement to improve the lives of families through education. It is the greatest gift you can offer your child, the chance to grow up in love and to be carried by such a commitment to their well-being as one finds here at YRCS. Take a moment to reflect on the last 20 years of your life and see how much you have changed, grown and learned from your mistakes. Now look at the alumni of our school and see the hope that they represent. Don’t you wish you could bottle that up and give it to yourself 20 years ago? Education is a wish for the future. We have a rich history and there are celebrations and tragedies along the way. Let’s agree that it is a good preparation for life, to see a community grapple with the big questions and challenge the assumptions in the public realm. We walk together on this journey, through the ripples of connections we represent. Turn the pages of this calendar and find a cause to smile at each month, at all of the memories we made together and all the magic yet to come.

Caleb Buckley, Ed.D.
Director 2004-14


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