Blue Shield Letter to Employees

April 8, 2014

This is for employees that currently have health insurance with Blue Shield of California. You may have received a letter today from Blue Shield stating that your coverage has been terminated as of 04/011/2014 due to lack of payment by your employer. These letters were issued as a result of a billing error on the part of Blue Shield. Blue Shield has made the necessary corrections and you can call Blue Shield to verify that you currently do have coverage. The easiest way to verify your coverage is to access your account through their website. If you call it will be a very long wait on hold. I called today to verify my coverage and everything was okay. I couldn’t verify other members due to security protocols. Blue Shield will issue letters stating that you have been reinstated, but it will take a few days for those letters to be received. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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