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Building Our New School ~ Securing Our Future




Removal Action Completion Report

Removal Action Completion Report Appendices E, F and G,

Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

Approval of the Final RAW

RAW (Removal Action Workplan)

Appendix I, Construction Plans, RAW

450 Architects Project Outline Project Design

Drawings EPA Brownsfield Cleanup Grant

Projected Move-In Date:  August for the 2018/19 School Year


  • 11/14/16  OPSC received Fund Release Authorization and estimates 4-6 weeks for funds to be released to YRCS.
  • 11/9/16 Building contract awarded to Simile Construction and Silver Creek 
  • 11/2/16 Bids opened, see list of bids.
  • 9/30/16 Bid package released for contractors to review and hopefully submit a bid! Construction is projected to start in November 2016 with a 12-18 month project period.
  • 8/15/16 State Allocation Board awarded funding allowing the building project to move forward
  • 5/26/16 Conversion for Final Apportionment was approved by the State Allocation Board and YRCS filed to be on the Priority Funding List and is now awaiting for funds from the state.
  • 12/31/2015 Cleanup up of the Adams property completed and Removal Action Completion Report Issued


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  •  (9/16/15) Clean up of the Adams property started with a local contractor, Hansen Bros, being the low bid. It is estimated to be a less than 45 day project to removal  toxic materials from the portion of the site that will be the school entrance and parking lot.
  •  (6/5/15) Clean Up of the Adams property will be going out to bid in June/July 2015. Bid documents are currently being prepared and will be posted by the end of June.
  • (1/13/15) Nevada County Board of Supervisor’s approved Final Mitigated Negative Declaration and Rezone & Use permits.
  • (11/13/14) Nevada County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of CEQA doc, Rezone & Use permits, and storm water management plan to the Board of Supervisors
  • (9/12/14) Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration out for Public Review
  • (8/15/13) DTSC held public meeting on draft RAW at Grass Valley City Hall.
  •  (7/16/13) Board of Supervisor’s Meeting to hear appeal and approve rezoning application 1:30 pm at the Rood Center – Sent back to Planning Department for further review and accept 3 items of the appeal regarding water drainage, septic/sewer design  and traffic mitigation.
  •  (5/8/13) EPA Brownsfield Cleanup Grant for $600,000 awarded to YRCS
  • (5/23/13) Nevada County Planning Commission Approved Use Permit, Rezoning and Management Plan for Storm Water Retention Facility to be sent to Board of Supervisors for approval.
  • (3/13/13) Department of State Architect approved design and construction plan documents.
  • (12/20/12) California Department of Water Resources Stormwater Management Grant for $330,000 awarded to YRCS through American Rivers
  • (6/17/08) The State of California Allocation Board approved and apportioned $8.5 million for YRCS to build a new school facility.   To continue the pioneering spirit that has been a hallmark of YRCS, our community is building the first publicly financed Waldorf-inspired charter school facility. The State of California awarded YRCS a $4.25 million grant and $4.25 million low-interest loan funded with Proposition 1D bonds. The additional $1.5 in capital campaign funds we are raising is essential for our building needs. Meeting this goal will allow us to reach beyond state standards to build a campus in which the students will thrive. The limitations of charter school funding have left Yuba River Charter School with a financial burden that other traditional public schools do not face. Charter schools receive less funding per student than traditional public schools and no annual facility reimbursements. A campus of our own will provide YRCS with financial stability and a sustainable future. In addition, instructors at Rudolf Steiner College consistently recognize the quality of YRCS teachers, and yet our highly trained faculty members are compensated below market. The monthly mortgage payment for a new facility is projected to be up to $40,000 per year less than our current rent, allowing YRCS the flexibility to increase salaries and reinstate many important discontinued programs. We are now at a crossroads in our development. Our school is embarking on its first-ever capital campaign, aimed at borrowing and raising $10 million to take a giant leap forward and build a permanent home. With $8.7 million of our funding secured, our school must raise $1.3 million over the next three years to achieve our target. Given our commitment to offering tuition-free education, YRCS relies on philanthropic support to create a magical place for children to learn. With the generous support of the State of California and the additional funds raised through our capital campaign, YRCS has an extraordinary opportunity to build a permanent home free from risk of increasing rent. Equally important, we can create a home that will better serve the teachers and administrators to whom we have entrusted the care, education, and nurturing of our children. Together, our community can establish a very special legacy for future generations of students, families, and teachers.