Facebook Posts

January 23, 2015

  Hello Everyone, Letting you know that Jilan Glorfield is now managing our school Facebook page. She is doing a lovely job putting up the most beautiful photos along with short descriptions/information/quotes. She wants me to make you all aware of this avenue to advertise or share your class events such as plays or class accomplishments. […]

New Message Policy

January 11, 2015

In December the Board passed a new Message Policy. This policy will be in the Parent Handbook and will run in the newsletter. Message Policy Please click on the link above to review the policy.

For STRS Members

December 20, 2014

Here is an update from STRS:             STRS Circular – Creditable Comp Changes eff 1.1.15

New Policy on Student Messages

December 9, 2014

Below is a new policy on student messages that the board approved at the Dec. 3 BOD meeting. Message Policy Purpose This purpose of this policy is to provide clarification of the YRCS procedure regarding delivering messages to students while at school. In General Children perform best and the class runs more smoothly when a […]

Revised School Calendar

December 4, 2014

Yes, we have revised this year’s school calendar due to lack of instructional minutes. The board approved removing the following minimum days: March 27 (before Spring break) and June 1-3, which will now be regular days. Please review the attached calendar and share as needed. We will put this in the newsletter for the parents […]

Ron’s new email

November 25, 2014

Now that Ron is working outside of the classroom and sending work correspondence out to staff and the public, we have assigned him a work email address. Please use this for any school/work related business – roncharles@yubariverschool.org You can continue to use Ron’s personal email for personal business or in his role as a parent […]

2014-15 School Directory

November 24, 2014

The 2014-15 School Directory is now on the website under the “faculty” portal. Here is a link for your convenience             http://yubariverschool.org/faculty/  

TB Test Requirements Have Changed

November 18, 2014

Dear Employees, New State of California legislation now gives school employees and volunteers the option of undergoing a tuberculosis risk assessment rather than having a TB test in order to work or volunteer at the school.  This new law will be in effect January 1, 2015 and while we still don’t know what the risk […]

Shopping Receipts

October 22, 2014

Hello Everyone, The NCSOS business office has requested that employees no longer make purchases for school reimbursement on the same receipt showing personal shopping items. So that means, if you go to COSTCO and buy one thing for you and 4 items for the school, you need to get TWO separate receipts. We often see […]

New Personnel Policy

October 2, 2014

Dear Staff, The Board of Directors approved a new policy regarding professional conduct. Please review this new policy which has been added to the Personnel Policies Handbook: PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT/Transporting Students in Personal Vehicles/Use of Personal Residence No employee shall, in any vehicle, drive or transport any YRCS student (excluding their own child) during school hours, […]