Letter from Caleb & New School Hours

August 18, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

August 12, 2013

The new cleaning schedule has been posted on the website. Here is a link for your convenience. Cleaning Schedule 13-14

School Doors Left Open

July 4, 2013

I hope you are all having a good summer break. I’m writing because several of the school doors have been found open this week. Twice this week the front door has been found ajar. Someone is leaving the school thinking that they didn’t unlock the front door so they just walk out but don’t check […]

Urgent ~ Can You Give 5 Minutes of Your Time?

July 3, 2013

Download Here ~Letter to YRCS Parents & Friends Dear YRCS Parents, Unfortunately, several neighbors to the new school site in Grass Valley have had their a appeal placed on the Board of Supervisors agenda for July 16; although technically, they missed the deadline for the appeal submission. While we have met with the neighbors on […]

Workday Defined at YRCS for certificated employees

June 27, 2013

At the June 12, 2013 Board Meeting the board approved a change to the Certificated Personnel Policies defining a workday at YRCS for certificated employees (see below). The complete revised policy is available on line at www.yubariverschool.org. Defining a Workday at YRCS Employees are required to be on campus during their contracted workdays. A workday […]

Updated Policy

April 10, 2013

Today I posted an updated Emergency Procedure Plan on the website.  The new plan reflects the use of our bell system for lock downs plus a few minor changes. Download here Emergency Procedures Susan

Policy Updates

April 5, 2013

Today I posted the following new or revised policies on the website (www.yubariverschool.org). Revised Enrollment Policy (removing over enrolling classes) New Student Fees Policy (important – a MUST READ for teachers) Revised Guidelines for Home Study Program Instead of putting updated policies in your box, I will be sending them out in this form using […]

New Website Password & Updated Policies

March 8, 2013

Hello YRCS Staff, The Faculty section of the website is in place and ready to use at <http://www.yubariverschool.org>  password is password (easy to remember).  You can find many useful forms, policies and documents: New Employees School Directory 12-13 Staff Directory 12-13 Charter Documents Handbooks Policies & Procedures Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook Useful Forms Request […]

Letter to Parents Concerning Tragedy in Connecticut School

December 17, 2012

Dear YRCS Parents, Up until 6th grade, Waldorf schools and especially YRCS encourages parents to keep their children from the tragic events of current media. Children need to know that the world is a safe place and that they are surrounded by a loving community that seeks to protect them and give them the greatest […]