Crossword Mania

December 18, 2013

Caleb purchased puzzle development software as a gift to the faculty. Ron installed it on the computer in the faculty lounge so it is easy for everyone to access. Have fun making crossword puzzles and more!  And Happy Holidays!

Revised Personnel Policies Manual

December 12, 2013

Here is the link to the new Revised Personnel Policies Manual approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting December 4, 2013. New REVISED Personnel Policies Manual 12.4.13 It is important that all employees read this new manual as there are lots of changes, additions and requirements. Pay special attention to: new Social Media […]

Substitute Janitor

November 22, 2013

Our janitor, Thomas, had a death in his family and has to be out for two weeks. In the meantime, we have hired a temporary janitor by the name of Gilbert Classy. He is an older gentleman and seems very nice. He was a janitor for Universal Studios and worked on the ER set.  I […]

NEW Social Media Policy

November 13, 2013

All Staff Members, At their November 6, 2013 board meeting, the Board of Director’s approved a new Social Media Policy that pertains to all school employees. This policy, which deals with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, will be part of the Personnel Policies Manual. All employees need to read and comply with the […]

Revised Cleaning Schedule

November 12, 2013

Please note the attached revised cleaning schedule. Thank you to those that were flexible and accommodated changes to create a better flow for the janitor.   REVISED Cleaning Schedule 13-14

Draft Personnel Policies Handbook for Review

September 12, 2013

I have completed the first DRAFT of the new Personnel Policies Handbook. We currently have both Certificated and Classified Personnel Policies (available on the school website). This new Handbook will replace both of these policies which have been integrated into the new Handbook. Two items still need further review. The Social Media Policy has to […]

Social Media Policy

September 5, 2013

Hello Everyone, The Board is working on a Social Media Policy for YRCS and would like your input. Please review the draft policy and send any comments you may have to or put them in my box by Monday, Sept. 9.  Your input is greatly appreciated as this policy will affect all employees. Susan […]

Affordable Care Act

September 3, 2013

Here is a simple to read outline of the Affordable Care Act that will be fully enacted on January 1, 2014. Affordable Care Act Outline

Letter from Caleb & New School Hours

August 18, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

August 12, 2013

The new cleaning schedule has been posted on the website. Here is a link for your convenience. Cleaning Schedule 13-14