Administrative Commitees


The hiring committee is organized annually to assist in hiring credentialed faculty. This is an administrative committee that makes a recommendation to the director for hiring who then brings a recommendation to the school board. The committee is composed of two parent representatives chosen by parent council and two faculty members chosen by the faculty and one board member appointed by the board of directors. A parent representative from the class with an opening holds a class meeting with the parents and reports to the committee on the qualities the class is looking for in a candidate. The term is from October to the following October and members need to have been parents at YRCS for at least two years with one parent from k-4 and the second from grades 5-8.

Finance Committee

The finance committee is an administrative committee that supports the business manager/Board treasurer in making recommendations to the Board regarding financial matters including budgets and expenditures. The committee is composed of the business manager, school director, two Board members (one from the faculty and one from the parent/community representatives) with additional faculty, parents and community members as needed. Members are solicited/selected by the business manager and school director and do not have a fixed term. View here for 2014-15 Finance Committee Meeting Schedule.

Parent Council Committees

The Parent Council serves the YRCS community by hosting a number of committees focused on activities to enrich the student or parent experience. The PC allocates a portion of its annual operating budget to these committees, but also provides at least a portion of the committee staffing to meet the school needs. The following provides a brief description of the PC committees and their purpose.

Festivals Committee

The Festivals Committee serves to hold YRCS’ community spirit and is the heart of the school’s annual festivals. The committee oversees the organization and implementation of festivals and fairs.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee coordinates the refreshments for a number of YRCS events, including: ceremonies, Parent Education events, Grandparent’s Day, and assemblies.

Parent Education Committee

The Parent Education Committee provides educational opportunities for parents and community members relating to Waldorf education and/or parenting and family life. The committee works with the YRCS community to coordinate a number of events over the course of the school year.

Sports Program Committee

The Sports Program Committee supports the sports teams and coaches with logistical duties of the sports teams. The committee connects with coaches prior to the start of the sports seasons to identify what type of assistance may be of value to the teams.

Volunteerism Committee

The Volunteerism Committee creates volunteer awareness and requirements to the YRCS school families. The committee organizes and publicizes the family volunteer hour logs that are maintained within each classroom and contain the volunteer hours of YRCS families.

In addition, as resources allow and needs dictate, the PC may resource the following committees.

Green Committee

The Green Committee serves as a positive educational and inspirational resource that increases awareness of Earth-friendly practices throughout the YRCS community.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee supports PC activities and communication between the PC and the YRCS community by maintaining a web share/site of PC communications, as well as documents such as by-laws, policies, roster, etc.