Draft Personnel Policies Handbook for Review

Draft Personnel Policies Handbook for Review

I have completed the first DRAFT of the new Personnel Policies Handbook. We currently have both Certificated and Classified Personnel Policies (available on the school website). This new Handbook will replace both of these policies which have been integrated into the new Handbook.

Two items still need further review. The Social Media Policy has to be approved by the Board (an Appendix at the end) and the dress code needs to be put in place (the faculty is working on this piece).

This DRAFT policy is being sent to all employees for your review and comment. Please review the draft and send me any comments prior to the Oct. 2 Board of Directors Meeting. You can use the track changes program and email the document , send me an email with your comments or print out a hard copy and make handwritten comments.

Happy  reading,      YRCS Personnel Policies Manual DRAFT 130902