Extra Curricular Programs

Debate Club

Open to students in 5th grade and up, the debate club has been a joint venture with the NU high school debate team. Alumni students from YRCS have returned to train the current students in oral argument. Similar clubs are sponsored in other districts and the various clubs have the chance to meet a stage a real debate.

Meeting are twice a week and there is no cost.


The drama club is for grade 4 and up and focuses on skills for performance. The club culminates in a play production. It’s a great way for boys and girls of different ages to interact and have fun together. Meetings are Thursday after school with additional times for productions.


Mrs. Ronningen offers Handwork Heaven 3 days a week for Yuba River Charter School students, parents and teachers. Each class is one hour long and offers students an opportunity to practice their skills in knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, needle felting and more. Students get more one on one instruction from Mrs. Ronningen, while also getting to socialize with their friends, and make new friends too!

Classes cost $8 each, payable in 4 class increments. There is a one-time per year materials fee of $15, payable at the first class.

Email or call for more information: kdronningen@aol.com or 530-913-4342

Role Playing Club

Open to grades six and up, this club bring various games like dungeons and dragons and board games to a group of boys and girls. The room is made available each week and their is adult supervision, otherwise the games are chosen by the students and there are many characters to participate. Meetings are Thursdays after school.

YRCS Sports Programs for Grades 4-8

Cross Country (Fall)
Grades 4 – 8
Coach: Melody Wojcik

Boys Flag Football (Fall)
Coach: Gary Reedy

Basketball (Fall)
Grades 6 – 8
Coaches: Keith Monohan

Volleyball (Winter/Spring)
Girls & Boys
Grades 6 – 9
Coach: Deanna Ronningen

Basketball (Winter)
Grades 7 – 8
Coaches: TBD

Track & Field (Spring)
Grades 4 – 8
Coaches: Melody Wojcik