Fun Run 2016

Fun Run 2016


It’s time for some fun, fitness and fundraising with the 4th Annual YRCS Fun Run, on October 31, 2016 during school!  The YRCS Ed Foundation is staging a way for you to raise money to fund your field trips! Let’s race toward our school goal of $15K before October 31st and win cool prizes along the way.

Click this LINK to…
– Donate to the cause!
– Or set up your personal fundraising webpage and start sharing with your family & friends today!


Students, in grades 4th-8th, are encouraged to fundraise a minimum of $25.  The more each student raises, the more fun prizes he/she is eligible for–and the more their class received for their field fund!

  • Fundraise $25 – receive a stainless steel YRCS water bottle.
  • Fundraise $75 – also receive a hemp/cotton/recycled polyester YRCS trucker hat
  • Fundraise $150 – also receive an organic cotton YRCS long-sleeved shirt.

The top student fundraisers will be acknowledged at School Assembly!


On your Mark.

1 – Sign up here.  An online guide provided by gives simple steps to help you set up your very own fundraising webpage.

Get Set.

2 – Ask 5 friends or relatives to donate at least $5 to your webpage via email, phone call, etc.

3 – Funds are collected online through credit card transactions, making it easier on you!  


4 – Race to your fundraising goal by event day.  Receive cool prizes & run laps with your friends!

**New this year: Race to Help a Local Family Build a Garden with Sierra Harvest’s Sierra Gardens Project! Sierra Harvest Logo

Classes who participate and collectively run the most laps will have donations made in their name to Sierra Gardens – an organization that supports families in growing a portion of their fruits and vegetables at home.  Sierra Harvest will work with a local family for two years to build and
sustain a backyard garden, setting the stage for a lifetime of home gardening, access to nutritious foods, physical activity and mental health.

Class contributions will be based on laps run. The class who runs the most laps will provide seeds for the garden! The class that comes in 2nd will provide plant starts! 3rd place: irrigation! 4th place: compost! 5th place: fencing! 6th place: cooking and gardening classes! At the assembly following the Fun Run, each class will be presented with a certificate naming its donation. YRCS is very excited to be a part of this meaningful local project.

If you prefer to raise funds through cash/check donations, please submit with your pledge envelopes to the MAIN OFFICE DROP BOX by Friday, October 28th. Online fundraising ends October 31st.  

Questions?  Contact