Malaika Bishop

Malaika Bishop (Garden Manager & Educator at the bio-dynamic farm)
Malaika holds a BA in Environmental Studies and dance from Oberlin College and has traveled the world studying grassroots activism, globalization, and ecology. She has been an organizer and educator for over 15 years working for environmental health, justice and community self-reliance. In 2001 she co-founded the People’s Grocery, an organization working to find creative solutions to the food needs of West Oakland by building a local food system and a local economy. She now serves on boards of People’s Grocery and the BriarPatch Cooperative and works to support equitable regional food systems. Malaika is a recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service, she was chosen by Utne Reader, San Francisco Magazine and Organic Style Magazine as a young visionary and environmental leader. Malaika’s life goal is to create positive change through love and service.