Parent Council

Role of the Parent Council

The YRCS Parent Council serves as the ears and voice of the parent body to the Faculty, Charter Council, and Administration. They bring the thoughts, ideas, concerns and opinions of the parents to these venues so this information may be included in the decision making process of these bodies. The Parent Council is the advocate of the parents, striving to accurately reflect their desires in the operation of the school.

Additionally, the Parent Council serves the community through its sponsorship of such activities as Parent Education, Outreach, Festivals, All-School Fundraising, Spring/Winter Assemblies, School Gatherings and the oversight of various committees. The council selects the members of the Hiring Committee and organizes and oversees the election of the parent representatives to the Charter Council. Through the monthly meetings, members are kept informed of what is occurring on the business administration side of the school. Members are asked to give input about proposed changes.

Parent Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Yuba River Charter School Parent Council is to be a strong voice for the parents in our community, encouraging their input and participation, and facilitating dialogue between them and the school; to be an umbrella that connects the parent initiatives; and to manage school fairs and festivals. With Waldorf education as our inspiration, we serve as the ears and voice of the Yuba River Charter School parents with the goal of strengthening our community, so that our school can more joyfully support and enrich the lives of our children and parents.

Responsibilities of Parent Council Members

Parent council members act as the representative of their class. They are expected to attend the monthly Parent Council meetings, as well as their own class meeting. It is the Representative’s duty to keep their class parents informed as to what is happening at the school. The Representative is serving as the voice of their class and it’s important that they be in contact with parents so they may accurately reflect their views and opinions.

Representatives serve a one-year term, running from May to June of the following year. Members may serve more than a one-year term if it is approved by their class parents.

Members are expected to serve the Council in some capacity, either as an officer or as a liaison to one of the committees overseen by the Council. Additionally, members may be asked to serve on ad hoc committees for such activities as Teacher Appreciation Day, reviewing bylaws or the parent handbook, fundraising activity for Parent Council, organizing refreshments for an event, Grandparent’s Day, etc. Members serving as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are exempt from being liaisons to committees, but may need to occasionally serve on an ad hoc committee.

On occasion, there may be additional meetings to address matters that cannot wait until the next regular meeting. Such meetings occur infrequently.

Parent Council Meeting Dates 14.15

Parent Council Agendas & Minutes

Parent Council Members 2014/15

Farm Yvonne Macias
Sweet Pea/Honey Dew Nicole McNeely
Lavendar Kindergarten Ingo Zirpins and Shannon Searls
Rose Kindergarten MaryJane Huenergardt
1st Grade Open
2nd Grade Michelle MacIntosh
3rd Grade Janina Wittenborg
4th Grade Jeffrey Williams, Becky Myers
5th Grade Kimberley Carville
6th Grade Anu Welfley
7th Grade Robyn Caywood, Nancy Cantaneo
8th Grade Taitha Killion
Chair Karin Meadows
Development Melissa Siebold
Faculty Erik Bell
Administration Charlene Haney
Board of Directors Veronica Morales