Nursery/Pre School

Little Creek Nursery & Preschool

Little Creek Nursery offers a 2 & 4 day option /  pm extended care  / fee‐based program

Little Creek Nursery & Preschool is run by the Yuba River Charter School but is not a part of the YRCS K-8 program and has its own enrollment policy and process. Parents wanting to enroll a child in the Yuba River Charter School K-8 program must apply separately to YRCS based on the school’s  enrollment policy.

“All understanding begins in wonder.” – Goethe

At the Little Creek Nursery we provide organic snacks and lunch, safe places to explore and test new physical skills, and friends with whom to learn and play. We do not teach facts and figures because we believe when the very young child uses his brain to memorize such things he robs his body of vital forces needed for healthy growth. Our teaching is oral, dramatic, and creative. We provide a morning rich in imagination.

Families must attend a Parent Information Meeting in order to receive an application for enrollment. See our enrollment page for the enrollment process. Enrollment paperwork must be completed and $100 deposit paid by May 1 for enrollment the following year. The first month of tuition must be paid in full prior to the first day of attendance and the first of each month thereafter.

At the Little Creek Nursery children participate in such daily activities as:

  • baking and cooking
  • circle and finger games
  • puppet plays
  • coloring and painting
  • modeling
  • gardening
  • nature walks
  • seasonal crafts
  • festival & birthday celebrations

Daily Rhythm:

8:30-9:00 AM: Arrival, creative play and meal preparation
9:30 AM: Potty break and hand-washing
9:40 AM: Snack
10:00 Good morning circle
10:15 AM: Outdoor play and meal preparation
11:30 AM: Potty break and hand-washing
11:40 AM: Lunch
12:15 PM: Story or outdoor play
1:00-1:15 PM: Pick up
1:15-2:30 PM: Extended care – rest time


Little Creek Nursery teachers are trained early childhood educators. Our director, Connor Riley, has been a part of the Little Creek program for several years as she continues to further her training in both Waldorf  and Early Childhood Education. We recognize that in the first seven years children are developing their physical bodies. During this time it is important to support the work the child is doing growing. We provide opportunities for children to engage in periods of active, creative play as well as moments of quiet and calm. Simple toys made from natural materials help to foster the imagination. We are excited to welcome Lisa Burk for the 2016-17 school year as interim director and lead teacher while Teacher Connor is on maternity leave.

One of our goals at the Little Creek Nursery is to help families bridge home and school. We realize that young children are open to the world, with no filters to shut out unwanted stimulus. In the first seven years children need to see the world as a place of harmony and beauty. Young children learn through their senses and imitation. We celebrate the senses, fostering a capacity for wonder and reverence.

For further information please read the following:


For enrollment procedure see Little Creek Enrollment page.

Contact Little Creek Nursery at (530) 265-6060 extension 124 (License #293608312), Tax ID# 90-0396681

Thank you for your interest in our  Waldorf-methods nursery program.