Home Study Programs Grades K-8 (Home Based)

Waldorf Home Study

Home-based home study program for grades K through 8

Be your child’s teacher. Participate fully in their education.

Our home-based home study program utilizes Waldorf curriculum supported by Waldorf experienced teachers.

This program offers families an opportunity to choose the specialty classes they wish their children to participate within. YRCS will provide each student with up to a $1,000 budget to be used to support their home study education by choosing from a list of Approved Vendors for Home Study for their specialty classes.

YRCS home study program provides families with the curriculum, materials and art supplies needed to execute the entire program.

In addition, our home study students may participate in our after-school sports program that includes cross country, basketball and girl’s volleyball.

Our home study students and parents receive support and direction during a monthly meeting with their program coordinator.

As a home study program family, you are a part of our Waldorf community. We welcome you to our assemblies, annual festivals and celebrations. You will receive email, all-school phone calls and our school newsletter to keep your family informed about YRCS.