School Doors Left Open

July 4, 2013

I hope you are all having a good summer break. I’m writing because several of the school doors have been found open this week. Twice this week the front door has been found ajar. Someone is leaving the school thinking that they didn’t unlock the front door so they just walk out but don’t check to make sure the door latches. Leila came in Thursday afternoon and the front door was ajar.I left the school Wed around 1 pm and made sure the door was closed. So someone came in after I left and before Leila came in Thursday. The carpet cleaners finished Monday and the construction workers finished Monday. So it is most likely that it was a staff member that came in Wed afternoon or Thur morning. Doors were also found open earlier in the week (Monday & Tuesday). PLEASE make sure that any door you use is pulled closed. We have been very fortunate that we haven’t had any problems inside the school as a result of the doors being left open. I know most of you aren’t coming to the school so I’m sorry this is going out to everyone. I’m hoping whoever is coming in reads this and realizes the importance of checking the doors when they leave. Thank you for reading this and again I’m sorry for disturbing everyone.



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