Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2010, our school’s Charter Council, in conjunction with YRCS faculty, Parent Council, and the Education Foundation, spearheaded a Strategic Planning process designed to assess our school’s needs and strategic focus for the years ahead and to ensure that our planning and actions were aligned with our school’s Vision and Mission statements.

To prepare for the exercise, and to ensure that parents were broadly represented in the process, an online survey was developed to gather parents’ views regarding the school’s future and issues they would like to see addressed.

Participants initially spent 16 hours engaged in this process during the month of January, 2011, with many hours of follow up work in the ensuing months. The committee participants placed great emphasis on communicating the Strategic Planning Process and results with the entire school community. The results of the process were made widely available, and were presented to the school community at a special meeting after the process was finished.

The Charter Council regularly reviews the plan during monthly meetings in order to identify the actions necessary to move us toward our goals and visions, and to celebrate what has been accomplished thus far.

Download Strategic Plan