Annual Fund Drive

The Annual Fund Drive is the centerpiece of the YRCSEF’s annual fundraising efforts. The Annual Fund Drive supports many of our Waldorf specialties and curriculum programs that not funded by the State of California education funding model. This yearly fund-raising effort raises funds that are essential for ensuring the quality of the educational experience for our students.


Annual Fund Drive Goals for our 2012-2013 Campaign

  • Raise $125,000 in charitable donations from Yuba River Charter School families.
  • Achieve 100% participation from Yuba River Charter School families.

What is the Annual Fund Drive?

Every year we ask and invite all the families with children enrolled at YRCS to invest in their children’s education by making a monthly pledge or lump sum gift as a tax-deductible annual gift for YRCS. Families are asked to please consider contributing $100 each month for each student that is enrolled.

While many families donate the suggested monthly pledge amount, others choose to donate more, some less. Many families also prefer to donate a one lump sum during the year. Others families make multiple gifts; for example, they may make one gift in the fall, and then make another gift in the spring, after receiving their tax refund.

We invite you to choose a plan that works for your family. Please review our annual pledge form card, fill it out completely, and return it to YRCS. As the YRCSEF is a charitable organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Where do my donations go?

Your donations to the Annual Fund Drive directly support Yuba River Charter School. Funds are allocated by the YRCS Board of Directors and YRCS Finance Committee which manage the YRCS school annual operating budget.

Why am I being asked to give money? Isn’t this a public school?

California ranks among the last in the nation in per-pupil spending, and the funds that the state provides must often be supplemented by the generous support of parents, grandparents and community members. Virtually every public school in California — not just charter schools — must fundraise from families in order to continue quality programs like music, art and foreign languages. There is a shortfall between the funds that the state provides for a basic public education and the enriched education inspired by Waldorf that our children receive at Yuba River Charter School.

Your contributions help bridge this gap and keeps our school alive and well with the rich, creative Waldorf curriculum that benefits our children.

Are Annual Fund Drive donations voluntary?

All donations to the Yuba River Charter School Educational Foundation are voluntary. Your decision to participate and the amount has no impact on whether a child is accepted for enrollment or continues to be enrolled in YRCS. However, we want every family to understand that while government funding provides a basic free education to all children, the enriching curriculum inspired by Waldorf education offered at YRCS relies on parent participation, including financial and volunteer time contributions.

Our goal for the Annual Fund Drive is 100% participation among YRCS families to support our children’s’ education. We encourage every family to give as generously as possible. Every gift—whatever the size— is gratefully received and strengthens our community.