Capital Campaign

Giving to a Legacy for our Children

Every dollar raised during our capital campaign will allow YRCS to realize and expand upon the school community’s dreams. Every gift creates a community bond and contributes to the generations of children who will grace the halls of our new school. YRCS and the Educational Foundation ask that you give an amount that is meaningful to your family.

Our facility fundraising effort is already more successful than we could have imagined a few years ago. Our school is the recipient of a $4.25 million grant, accompanied with another $4.25 million low-interest loan. We are nearing our goal to build the first-ever, sustainably-built, energy-efficient Waldorf charter school in this country. The $8.5 million awarded to YRCS by the State of California achieves 75% of our capital campaign goal of $11.5 million. By raising additional funds, our facility can become a greater expression of Waldorf ideals and meet the expectations of the school and Waldorf community.

An anonymous donor and regular contributor to YRCS led the way with a “seed pledge” of $180,000. This gift combines with initial pledges of over $40,000 from faculty, staff, and parent leadership and $350,000 environmental management watershed grant totaling over $570,000 additional dollars raised for our new school project.

Meeting our fundraising goal may allow us to expand sustainable building practices, establish a biodynamic farm or outdoor community theater, and create an inspiring and distinctive place to learn.

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