Sweet Pea Kindergarten

The Sweet Pea Kindergarten program offers parents and children an opportunity to share in the joy of learning, together — along with the experience of attending YRCS three days a week (Mon-Wed from 8:45 am – 1:00 pm). This program offers a smaller class size and allows children and parents more flexibility in their weekly class schedule. After-school childcare is not available between 1:00-1:45. The fee-based after school program is available from 1:45-5:00 pm on regular days and from 1:00-5:00 on minimum days.

Much like our full-time kindergarten programs, Sweet Pea offers gently structured, loving environment where the children will paint, bake, model with beeswax, sew and contribute to the daily domestic work throughout the week. Daily rhythm activities include circle time, artwork, creative play indoors and outside, snack time, story time, play performance and lunch time.

Suzanne Scirpo, our Sweet Pea teacher, has been involved with YRCS for the past ten years,  as the Lavender Kindergarten teaching assistant and lead teacher of the Sweet Pea and Honey Dew Home Study programs. Suzanne completed her Waldorf Foundation Year training through Rudolf Steiner College.