Urgent ~ Can You Give 5 Minutes of Your Time?

July 3, 2013

Download Here ~Letter to YRCS Parents & Friends

Dear YRCS Parents,

Unfortunately, several neighbors to the new school site in Grass Valley have had their a
appeal placed on the Board of Supervisors agenda for July 16; although technically, they missed the deadline for the appeal submission.

While we have met with the neighbors on numerous occasions, and have received nearly $1 million in grants to meet their concerns, they continue to put up costly road blocks for the new campus. We urgently need a strong showing of parents and children on July 16th at the afternoon board meeting. Some of the neighbors are attempting to build a case against our project. They have visited our Nevada City site counting cars and children at drop-off and pick-up. They are looking for issues to latch onto to derail our project, which has great support at local, state and federal levels.

Please tell your County Supervisor that enough is enough. We need our money and time to be put towards this project, not distractions and delays. We need our money for the classrooms and to prepare this beautiful site for our children.

At the bottom of this letter is your supervisor’s contact information: please write them, call them, visit them, and e-mail them to let them know that you vote too and we don’t want a few people to upset such a great benefit to the whole county. We are good neighbors, we are a responsible school, and this project is not Walmart or UPS, it’s a public school.

We will be holding a rally at the Rood Center prior to the July 16th meeting in which we will be handing out free T-shirts to all parents and children from the school who show up. It will be our awesome new 20th year logo on a burnt orange t-shirt and you’ll love the design. Let’s create a sea of school shirts to show support for our school!

There will be a phone call with the exact time of the meeting on the 16th, but we expect it to be at about 1:30pm.

Caleb Buckley
YRCS Director



Nate Beason – District 1 Supervisor, Vice Chair       District 1 includes Nevada City and the unincorporated areas of Banner Mountain, Cascade Shores, Deer Creek, and the Highway 174 corridor.
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480 / Fax: 530.265.9836
nate.beason@co.nevada.ca.us / http://mynevadacounty.com/nc/bos/district1/Pages/Home.aspx

Ed Scofield – District 2 Supervisor     District 2 includes the communities of Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, unincorporated areas along Highway 49.
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480 / Fax: 530.265.9836
ed.scofield@co.nevada.ca.us / http://mynevadacounty.com/nc/bos/district2/Pages/Home.aspx

Terry Lamphier – District 3 Supervisor       OUR NEW SCHOOL SITE DISTRICT!  District 3 includes the City of Grass Valley, Cedar Ridge, the Brunswick Basin, Squirrel Creek, unincorporated areas along Highways 49 and 20.
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480
Fax: 530.265.9836
terry.lamphier@co.nevada.ca.us / http://mynevadacounty.com/nc/bos/district3/Pages/Home.aspx

Hank Weston – District 4 Supervisor, Chair    District 4 includes the communities of Penn Valley, North San Juan, Rough & Ready, Lake Wildwood, Spenceville, unincorporated areas along Highways 20 and 49.
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480 / Fax: 530.265.9836
hank.weston@co.nevada.ca.us / http://mynevadacounty.com/nc/bos/district4/Pages/Home.aspx

Richard Anderson – District 5 Supervisor District 5 includes the Town of Truckee, and the communities of Soda Springs, Washington, Graniteville, Hirschdale, Boca, Floriston, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49, 20, 89, Interstate 80.
Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
Phone: 530.265.1480 / Fax: 530.265.9836
richard.anderson@co.nevada.ca.us / http://mynevadacounty.com/nc/bos/district5/Pages/Home.aspx


We need you on July 16th! Our new school WILL get built. It is just a matter of how much wasted time and money we will need to spend. Please help our project move forward!



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