Why Volunteering is Important

What makes Yuba River Charter School so unique? Our families! This school was founded with a pioneering spirit composed of passionate families in our community. Today many of those families have watched their children graduate Yuba River Charter School, continue through high school and blossom into happy, fulfilled adults. This pioneering spirit is now entrusted to the families of the current student body. Volunteerism is an important way to ensure our children are enriched with all that Yuba River has to offer. When observing a thriving Waldorf school anywhere in the world you will find families at the center of the school community propping up the students, faculty, administration and each other. Volunteerism is paramount in guaranteeing quality of our children’s education.

Volunteering not only benefits the school as a whole, it is beneficial to your child! Life can be fast moving and complicated but the benefits of pausing to join your child on their educational journey will be enjoyed for many years to come. Many studies have confirmed that students with involved parents are more likely to enjoy school, have an increased ability to learn and are more socially adept. This is why Yuba River has a strong volunteerism policy (see below).

The YRCS Volunteerism Policy states:

Each family is committed to contributing to the school in any way they feel appropriate for them and their family. The school asks the following commitment from each family:

  • 50 volunteer hours per year (5 hours per month)
  • Parents of Kindergarten children are asked to volunteer in the classroom one day per month.
  • Each parent is asked to complete a School Service & Volunteerism Survey stating their volunteer areas of expertise and interest.
  • Volunteers agree to follow all YRCS policies and procedures when on campus or representing YRCS to the public.
  • Volunteers agree to act out of the mandate, agreement or instruction given by authorized teachers, staff, parents or committee members.”

Our school is committed to the success of our students, faculty and its administration. YRCS looks to work more closely with parents and families to meet their volunteerism goals this year. Please make your best effort to log and track your monthly volunteerism hours here.