The Farm Classroom-Based Home Study Program (Grades K-4)

Honey Dew Kindergarten (2 days on-site and 3 days home- based program)
Grades 1-4 (2-3 days on School/Farm Site and 3-2 day home- based program)

Honey Dew Kindergarten

The Honey Dew Kindergarten Farm program (Suzanne Scirpo teacher) is on-site at the YRCS campus 2 days a week on Thursdays & Fridays  from 8:45 am – 1:00 pm. The Honey Dew Kindergarten Farm program offers parents and children an opportunity to share in the joy of learning, together — along with the experience of attending YRCS two days a week. This program offers a smaller class size and allows children and parents more flexibility in their weekly class schedule as well as monthly field trips to a bio-dynamic farm.

Much like our five day kindergarten programs, this program offers gently structured, loving environment where the children will paint, bake, model with beeswax, sew and contribute to the daily domestic work throughout the week and monthly field trips to a bio-dynamic farm. Daily rhythm activities include circle time, artwork, creative play indoors and outside, snack time, story time, play performance and lunch time.

Grades 1-4

“The home study program is great! It is so wonderful. It’s like I am getting the education I never got as a child. And I’m learning again, too.  I love it!
Yvonne Macias, YRCS 2nd Grade Farm Program Parent

The grades program (Raelynn Noel teacher) is based at a local, organic farm four days a week (Tues-Wed 8:30 am to 1:30 pm/1:00 Thursday and min days). Every Thursday is a field trip day to places like local farms. Friday is an optional day for Spanish and Handwork classes being offered. The program is moving and will be located on 215 Washington Street near the YRCS campus in Nevada City. During this time students participate in a mixed-ages instructional period, which includes a daily rhythm of circle, singing and movement along with an age-appropriate academic Main Lesson block. Each day will incorporate aspects of farm and nature studies and hands-on experiential activities. Other activities include story-telling, painting, beeswax modeling, and games will be lead by program coordinator Raelynn Noel. Additional specialties classes, held Friday mornings, include (Spanish) and (Handwork) plus time in the YRCS school library.  Coordinator and Education Specialist, Raelynn Noel, has her California credentials along with Waldorf training and experience. Video resources have been developed to help support parents with their child’s instruction at home. Families receive support and direction during their monthly meetings when attendance records and work samples are collected. Parents are required to participate monthly in supporting this program. YRCS will provide each Grades 1-4 students with up to a $500 budget to be used to support their home study education by choosing from a list of Approved Vendors for Home Study for their enrichment classes.

Farm Home Study Afterschool Pickup Policy

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Contact the enrollment coordinator for more information at or 530-265-6060 ext. 102. Parents must attend a Parent Information Meeting prior to enrolling a student. See our enrollment page for more information.