New Administrative Team Job Duties

DSC_0905RON CHARLES Curriculum Specialist

Student Discipline including suspension & expulsion, Parent Concerns including school concern form, Truancy, letters and meetings with parents & SARB, Parent Education Events includes getting guest speakers, Program & Curriculum including, Specialty Program, Farm Home Study Program and Daily Schedule, Student Assessment, Student Technology-computers, Common Core Standards & Curriculum materials & resources, Remediation Curriculum, Manage special education program (attend JPA meetings), Attends District Director Meetings and point of contact for the district, Anti-Bullying Group (Alliance for a Peaceful School Community), Board Member, Coordinate Fun Run, Member of Finance Committee, Attends Faculty Meetings, Teacher Credentials, State Reporting-LCAP & SARC, State Required Testing, Strategic Planning, Attends Parent Information Meetings, Graduation, Facilitate faculty concerns, Attends Chairs meeting and Pedagogical Vision Group meetings, Attends student discipline meetings, School closures-snow days, Facilitate special education staff concerns, Approve class field trips & calendar requests, Approve employee leave requests, and Manage mentoring budget for teachers.

DSC_0069TERRY ANNE PAQUETTE Administrative Consultant

Hiring, Teacher Evaluations, Mentoring, IEP, 504 and SST Meetings, Care Group, Exit Interviews with families leaving the school, Program Evaluation, Attends Parent Information Meetings, Interviews with new families (this is new), Attends Parent Council Meetings & Board Meetings, Attends Faculty Meetings, Strategic Planning, Manages Teacher Inservice along with Ron, Festivals including Closing Ceremony, and Graduation.

DSC_0476-(3)SUSAN EGAN Business Manager

Business-oversee attendance reporting & enrollment policy compliance, Finance including school budget, cash flow management and multi-year projections (fiscal soundness), Legal Issues and Compliance, Purchase Order and Reimbursement approvals, Manages Class Budgets-graduation, 3rd grade building project, Manage Farm Home Study student accounts and purchase orders (school store purchases for home study), Manages all bank accounts, deposits & reconciliations, Field Fund Accounts-deposits, check requests & account balances, Manages Development Annual Fund Drive & Payments, Oversee Moondance, Annual Report, Attends Board Meetings (Board CFO) and Ed Foundation Meetings, Head of  Finance Committee, Advertising-newspaper & magazines, Manages Website & Content, Manages Volunteer Coordinator position, Manages facilities including maintenance and custodial needs, playground improvements, Oversees library, instrument rentals & contracts, Facility Lease and improvements including internet & filters, Employee contracts, salary schedules, School calendar, YRCS Policies & Procedures-creates, updates & publishes, Tax Return, Job Descriptions, Handbooks-Parent, Little Creek, Kindergarten, Kidspace, Employee, Advertising, Emergency Plan and Safety Plan, Manage rental property, Attends Parent Information Meetings, New Building Project including the Cleanup Project, Director of Little Creek Nursery, oversees nursery program & payments, Oversees Kidspace program & payments, All bank deposits-field fund, annual fund drive, instrument rental, Supervise & evaluate all office staff (office manager, receptionist, enrollment coordinator and attendance clerk), Supervise & evaluate maintenance and custodial staff, Supervise& evaluate librarian, Office Equipment, Strategic Planning, Charter Document, MOU with NCSOS and Business Service Agreement, Compliance with State Laws & Regulations, Stay updated of new legislation & laws regarding charter schools, Review new funding and grant opportunities and employee benefits.